Jessie's 13 Favorites for Friday the 13th

Spring is here and that means time for new dresses, shoes, shorts, swimsuits ….. Hey it's an excuse to go shopping right?!?
We have been getting new items in by the boatload the past few weeks, so here are my top 13 new favorite things just in time for Friday the 13th!

1. HELL BUNNY CANCUN DRESS: With so many summery dresses from Hell Bunny how can you just choose one!?
2. SWIMSUITS: You will be a bathing bombshell in any of our new swimsuits from Pinup Couture & Iron Fist!
3. JACKALOPE FLASK: A nice day sometimes calls for a drink outside. We just got in a ton of pretty amazing flasks to choose from, there is even a flask key chain!
4. HOTROD HELLCAT NORCAL BAG: Hop in your hot rod and head to the boardwalk, but don't forget to grab any of these fantastic bags first!
5. FLOCKED LEOPARD PUMPS PINK: If you're lookin' for a new pair of shoes, well we got 'em! Choose from flats, wedges, boots…. the list goes on & on!
6. TIKI BRACELETS: It's Tiki Time! These vintage inspired tike bracelets come in 4 colors to choose from, yellow, orange, red or black.
7. BOW HAIR CLIP PINK LEOPARD: Tie up those tresses with our bow hair clips. Guaranteed to look like the perfect doll!
8. STEADY HULA HEARTBREAK V NECK T: Time to Tiki in this fantastic fitting tee from Steady!
9. GUYS T-SHIRTS: Guys, I have not forgotten about you. We have tons of new t-shirts for you to choose from. Fantastic new designs from Sailor Jerry, Liquorbrand, Sullen & many more!
10. BABUSHKUPS NESTING CUPS: Sit on the porch and sip some Ice tea in these adorable Matryoshka cups.
11. SPARROW PATCH RED: What better way to spend your lazy days then by sewing some bad-ass patches on your jacket, bag, hats…. or just about anything you can get a needle through. We have tons of traditional tattoo inspired patches from ships, sparrows, mermaids to eagles.
12. DEADLY MOTH BANDANA: Keep it traditional with our tattoo inspired bandanas or keep it gruesome in our bloodshed & X-ray parts bandana! How can you just choose one?!?
13. FANCY FOIL: Wrap up your BBQ leftovers with either of these kitschy kooky printed foil rolls!

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