Kustom Kreeps Pomade Reviews

Light Weight - not just for Light Weights!
This is my hair using the Kustom Kreeps’ “True Fright” (light) pomade - which is definitely my new go-to light pomade (and i’m not just saying that). This shit melts in your hand - like buttah! It’s extremely pliable, easily combed through, there is some hold (not a lot, so don’t expect much height) and it provides a ton of shine without being overly greasy (compared to say, High Life’s light pomade which was my previous go-to). Definitely a good fit for thinner hair & slicker styles.

This pomade is worth it just for the scent. It doesn’t just smell like root beer - it smells like root beer snow cones. Mark my words.

On to the Medium Weight!
The Kustom Kreeps “Monster Attack” pomade has a medium hold. It’s easy to scoop out of the tin with a thicker texture that’s slightly more buttery than waxy, and it has a fairly mild mint scent. There’s a bit of shine in this pomade (not nearly as much as the light weight has though), and despite having a little bit of weight to it, the hold is fairly strong when applied to dry or dry-ish? hair. Yes, height can be achieved with this one. I had an easy go of it spreading evenly in my hair; combing it through was no big deal.

Bonus: I ran my comb back through my hair later in the day, and I had no issues with flaking - which is awesome. Because pomades that flake are.the.worst.

Heavyweight Time!
Here’s the Kustom Kreeps “Death Grip” pomade (heavy hold) with a mild wood scent (think: sandalwood). First of all - yeah, it’s heavy. In the tin, as well as, in it’s hold. Ya gotta put a little elbow grease into it to get it out of the tin, but it gets easier the more you use it. Once it’s in your hands, it’s smooth & easily workable. You can even comb through it (as with the other Kustom Kreeps pomades, without flaking!).

As you would expect, the hold on it is excellent. Style your hair and it’s not going to budge for the rest of the day. In fact, those photos? Taken after coming in from a windy day. And when i woke up the next morning? Minimal movement. It's great for flat tops, for sure, along with gravity-defying pompadours - or really, like in my experience - just to have it around for a windy day.


Hopefully these were somewhat(?!) helpful to someone out there since the stuff just hit the shelves and there’s not much other info out there yet. If i've missed any important details & you've still got questions, let us know by leavin' a comment!

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