Top 10 Items for Leprachauns

1.Kreepsville Green Skeleton Dress: Your friends are sure to be green with envy as you rock this dress from Kreepsville 666!
2.Cuckoo Clock: Don't be late! The pot o' gold is only here one day a year!
3.Bordello Glitter Heels: The Luck of the Irish will be with you all year round as you strut your stuff in these glittery heels.
4. Grass Rabbit Bank: Save your lucky pennies in this bank!
5. Badsville Tiger Dress: Luck will be on your side as you go on the prowl this St.Patty's Day!
6.Skully Green Leopard Clips: Need to clip those curly locks? Try out Sourpuss hair clips!
7.Tiki Halter: It's time for a leprechaun vacay, throw on this top, grab yourself a tiki drink & stretch those legs.
8.Glitter Bow Clip: Maybe a small gift for that lucky lass in your life?!
9. Sugar Skull Stash Box: Stay away from me gold! So stash it in this perfect little box.
10. T.U.K. Creepers Green: Stomp through the grass lookin' for your own Irish rose.
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