Keep it Kreepy with New Kustom Kreeps!

Just when you thought your wardrobe was safe... Kustom Kreeps new spring line of designs are ready to invade your closet! Our new t-shirts feature some bold, bad-ass artwork including "Memento Mori", "Live Fast, Die Last", "Support Your Local Kreep", "Hellbound", and "Graveyard Shifters".

Check out my personal favorite, Support Your Local Kreep. This Franken-inspired design features a gnarly 3-eyed monster with a psychobilly flat top and a sick protruding eyeball. Eyeball guts, ya'll.

But that's not all! We're also introducing a selection of air fresheners to freshen up that rank old smell lingering in your rust bucket. This selection includes Memento Mori that smells like "Fresh Grave (new car leather)", Man's Ruin that smells like "Psycho Sinamon (that's cinnamon if you couldn't figure it out), Graveyard Shifters that smells like sweet "Rotting Roses", Hellbound that smells like "Adrenaline Junkie (aka coffee)", and Support Your Local Kreep that smells like "Creepy Coconut". Does creepy coconut smell different than just plain ol' coconut? Find out for yourself!

Thanks for readin' my garble, and I hope ya'll dig the new designs as much as I do. Until next time, Keep on Kreepin'!

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