Jessie's Top 5 things you want for Valentine's Day!

Who wants to get a bunch of roses that are just going to wind up dead? Here is a list of a few things your significant other would rather get!

Somethin' for Him:

1. Man's Face Stuff: Does your man need something to keep that stache in line? Then get him this fantastic scented moustache wax. The perfect excuse to get him cleaned up and take you out to dinner!
2. Sourpuss Logo Mug: Keep your guy happy with a mornin' cup a joe in his very own Sourpuss Mug.
3.T-shirt Originals from Iron Fist, Fred Perry, Lucky 13 plus more!: Tired of seeing him in his old worn out t-shirts? Choose from any of our T-shirt Originals & update his wardrobe for him.
4. Rockabilly Patch: A great little add on to throw in with this year's Valentine's gift. Lots of patches to choose from!
5. Rhino Attack Plaque: Wow him this holiday with his very own Rhino Plaque! Now you need to make up a good story to go along with it....

Somethin' for Her!

1. Hell Bunny Mini Motley: You know what you like to see her in so why not pick up the adorably sweet Mini Motley from Hell Bunny! Not your speed? That's okay we have tons of other dresses for you to choose from!
2. Swallows Champagne Flutes: If your little lady is looking' for a little romance then you should get her these His & Hers matching champagne flutes. Oh and don't forget to pick some champagne!
3.Chloe Tux Tank: Sick of her whining she has nothing to wear. Then grab her one of these amazing Chloe tank tops. These fantastic tanks can be dressed up or down for a simple, cool look!
4. Pinup Couture Polka Dot Heels: Win her over with these perfectly pinup polka dot heels from Pinup Couture!
5. Cupcake Measuring Spoons: Does your gal like to bake? Then get her a set of these cupcakes measuring spoons!. I'm sure she'll make you somethin' sweet!

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