Vintage Makeup and Retro Hair Instructional Books!

Retro Hairstyling Book
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This How-To, Retro Hairstyling book is perfect for anyone looking for helpful tips to get a perfect retro look or maybe if you're just looking to try out a new 'do! Either way you will look vintage fab in the end.

The Vixen!

Are you one vivacious vixen looking for the perfect pinup curls?! Learn this quick & easy hairstyle step by step. Even the hair-styling challenged, like myself, can learn the what & how of these classic styles of the past.

For The Boys!
The boys will come a runnin' when you pull off this classic 40s curled look! I know it looks complicated, but with just 15 easy step by step instructions, you'll be twisting' & curling' all over the place.

Retro Makeup Book
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As early as the Egyptians those gals used kohl around their eyes & stains made from berries for their lips to enhance their appearance. We have come a long way since then, but one thing hasn't changed: Gals love their makeup! This step by step makeup book will get you that 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s & 60s look while giving you a little history.

The Bombshell

The classic bombshell, clear porcelain skin, black eyeliner & red pouty lips. Learn how to get that sultry 50s look! These 8 easy steps will get you that glowing skin & bedroom eyes.

The 1930s
Throughout this whole book you will learn tidbits of makeup history, a little about each decade. I think you will find it pretty cool to see the similarities of what a gal back then would have on her vanity compared to what you may have on yours today!
In chapters like 'The 1930's' you'll get a history of the makeup and techniques of the time, as well as instructionals on how to do that look with today's products.

The 1940s
A little more history for you! If you don't know anything about the 40s maybe this chapter will give you a look into the ladies of the past & their lives. During the 40s makeup was still very important, but had more of a "natural" look. During the war less makeup was applied due to rationing. I find all of this fascinating, in this chapter you will also read about WWII & wearing makeup at work, as compared with wearing makeup in the military. Fantastic chapter with a lot of her-story!
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