Nevermore Body Co. Tonics, Balms, Body Washes & Lotions!

We are proud to offer the Nevermore Body Company. line of beauty products for ladies and gents! Apothecary inspired artwork combined with new & interesting scents (along with their vegan & cruelty free practices) makes these body washes, spray tonics, cologne oils, lip balms & aftershaves a must have!

And fellas: As someone who doesn't always love the overpowering scents of most guys products, the scents offered here are really amazing! The choices of Whiskey, Bourbon, Guinness, and even Capone smells are perfect for the kind of dude who wants to smell better than he normally does, but not like a cologne explosion.
My personal favorite is the Whiskey Aftershave- It's a perfect blend of the sweet scent of malted whiskey mixed with vanilla.
Another item that I'm super excited about is the Guinness Cologne oil. With the warm, earthy scents up front of a proper pint of Guinness, and a lingering slightly sweet smell after, this is one of the few colognes I've ever been excited about.

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