A Very Sourpuss Christmas Tree!

Fancy up your tree with some amazing, unique ornaments and decorations, and grab a few small gifts in the last few days before the holidays!

1.Sugar Skull Brooch: Doll City Rocker handmade felt sugar skull brooch in white & pink.
2. Sugar Skull Ornament: Day of the Dead felt & sequined ornaments in many colors!
3. Calavera Stuffed Ornament: Handmade, stuffed ornaments, in a variety of colors.
4. Retro Robots Ornaments: Set of 4 glass-blown, retro inspired, robot Christmas ornaments.
5. Woot Woot Owl Ornaments:
Fill your Christmas tree with these adorable owl friends!
6. Glitter Bacon Ornament:
Gaze into it's golden bacon-y goodness!
7. Cupcake Measuring Spoons:
Hot pink and light pink cupcake shaped measuring spoons.
8. Babushka Ornaments
: Brightly colored, golden stringed, set of ornaments in 3 sizes.
9. Rocket Ornament Blue:
Blast into the past with this retro rocket ship ornament!
10. Beer Wall Art Bottle Opener:
Not just a bottle opener but a work of art too!
11. Bacon Soap:
Delightful soap infused with the sweet scent of bacon in a decorative tin!
12. Pinup Shot Glasses:
Have a drink with all the prettiest gals in town!
13.Matroyska Key Caps:
Matryoshka doll rubber caps for your keys in raspberry and blue.
14. Boney Salt n Pepper Shakers:
Set of silver metallic bone salt and pepper shakers!
15. Orange Fawn Statue: Baby Deer statue in Bright Orange...this guy is so stinking cute!
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