I have a new camera and I'm determined to take photos!

I have a new camera and I'm determined to take photos! Ya- We've heard this countless times..but this time I mean it...We went to the local Target and picked up a pocket sized Elph, which I'm planning to use way all the time, we'll see how that works out.
So we spent last week in Vegas at the Magic Tradeshow, twice a year for the last 11 years (that's 22 times + I was married by Elvis, so that's 23 times in Vegas) along with a few oddball times a long time ago, if you aren't really into gambling or shoveling in food at the buffets- there's not a lot to do, but we go to catch up with our retailers and do our buying for Sourpuss,

um...here we are after the Morning breakfast buffet!

Our booth received a little expansion this year... more room to breathe and for our morning aerobics!

New roses and Sugar Skull necklaces

New Cookie jars and Tattoo flash clocks

Stuck with 4 ladies for the week!

First night we hit the party with our pals from Lucky 13 & TUK, Karaoke, burlesque and capped monsters!

How is it the 2 of them are making silly monkey faces?

Tuesday night- we needed to recover a little bit- Off to the Peppermill for food & drinks by the firepit

I found a vinyl aqua couch- A must for a photo!

Our Pinky Pinups buddies!

Last night was party time- at the Moroccan place-Belly dancers included!

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