Out To Sea Tunics are Here!

What's New This Week! Sourpuss Kids Studded Belts ★ Sourpuss Knit Star Leggings Sourpuss Umbrellas ★ Pickle, Cupcake, and Bacon flavored Toothpaste New Kids Fred Perry polos and track jackets Elmira Hair Barrettes and Earrings New (and Restocked) Buckles and Belts from Neeves Leather Pyschorama T-shirt Viva Rock 'n Roll T-shirt ★ Poked Out V-Neck T-shirt and Girls' V-tee Dead End Kruiser T-shirt and Girls' Tee ★ Voodoo Girls T-Shirt and Girls' Tee ★Kustom Monster Parts V-Neck T-shirt and Girls' V-tee
Restocks: ★ Victoria Girls' Tee ★ AC/DC 'We Salute You' and 'Jailbreak' Onesie ★ Kiss 'Demon Child' Kids' Tee
Upcoming Events! Musink, OC Fairgrounds, Costa Mesa, CA: March 4th - March 6th Hampton Roads Tattoo Arts Festival, Hampton VA. : March 4th - March 6th Forbidden Fantasy Car Show, Moreno Valley : March 13th Monster Mania, Parsippany, NJ : March 11th - March 13th Dustbowl Invitational, Bakersfield CA : March 26th - 27th www.Sourpussclothing.com Stay up to date by following us on Twitter @SourpussBrand & on Facebook!  
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