Gnarly Jackalope, Rabid bat & So Long Sucker!

What's New This Week?!

  • New Sourpuss/Iron Fist collaboration Siren heels are in stock!!!
  • New Monster Mortuary guys' tees, girls' tees and limited edition mugs
  • New baby one pieces including KISS Dressed to Kill, Misfits logo, Rose and Circle Jerks logo
  • New kids' tees including KISS Dressed to Kill, Misfits logo, Circle Jerks logo, Lil' Terror, I Love My Mummy, Monster Hunter, Ghoul, Gasser, Psycho and Monster Parts
  • New kids' babydolls including Koffin Kitten
  • New Rose Cadaver guys' tees and girls' tees
  • New Dead Maria guys' tees and girls' tees
  • New Astro Creep guys' tees
  • New Lux Deville/Pinup Couture collaboration makeup trains
  • New gum in crazy flavors like roast beef and cupcakes
  • New Sugarpill eyeshadows designed by Amy Shrinkle
  • New Motorhead and Clash guys' tees

  • Restocked cupcake soap dispenser and water bottle
  • Restocked bandages including Mustache bandages
  • Restocked Switchblade Stiletto cigarette pants
  • Restocked Lucky 13, Machete, Kustom Voodoo and Kreepsville 666
  • Restocked Munster guys' tees, girls' tees and hoodies
  • Restocked Lux Deville wallets and purses
  • Restocked skull lunch sets
  • Restocked brass knuckle mugs
  • Restocked Folter monster bags
  • Restocked Rock Rebel jewelry
  • Restocked Deadly Dames vamp dresses

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