oh baby! It's hot outside

It's 94 degrees out there, I think it's time to get some new tanktops! Check out these 3 designs, Panteras Tijuana, La Muerte and No Mercy.. These beaters will cool you off, or at least will take your mind off the heat for a few minutes.

What's NEW this week?!
  • New Blue Q water bottles, dish towels, soaps & shopper totes
  • New Lux De Ville 'High Seas' collection
  • New Paperdoll skirts
  • New Umbrellas
  • New & restocked Rubi Rockett hair accessories
  • Restocked Lux De Ville 'Starlight' collection
  • Restocked AC/DC 'About to Walk' one pieces
  • Restocked Sex Pistols heathered kids' tees
  • Restocked Frederik girly tees

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