Sourpuss in Hong Kong read all about it..

Andy and Calyn had an amazing opportunity to visit Hong Kong. Representing the Sourpuss brand, the days were spent at a tradeshow, while at night, checking out the local shopping, eating and drinking.

Sourpuss tradeshow booth

Hong Kong street food at it's finest, Found in a back alley, We found pig intestine on a stick, it surprisingly tasted like pork!

The people of Hong Kong work really late, Dinner is usually between 8-11pm and you can do your shopping afterwards

Sharing Tsingtao in front of a haunted mansion with good friends Tish (Manic Panic) Carol (Hell Bunny, Michelle (Kreepsville 666)

Visiting the oldest cemetery in Hong Kong, it was built on the side of a mountain and separated by Religion.

After eating tacos in a Mexican restaurant, local tattooers brought us to their hangout for some beers and music

Sushi gets a souvenir cheongsam (that cute Chinese dress)
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