Deadly Cupcake and Agro Glamour Halter tops

Deadly Cupcake and Agro Glamour tieback halter tops are in stock. Cute pink and silver embroideries on a black halter with pink tie back, available in S-XL

What's New?!
★ New Sourpuss sailor tattoo flash tees
★ New AC/DC, David Bowie & Blondie tube tops
★ New Merc burgundy harrington plus other Merc harrington restocks
★ Restocks on Paperdoll monster halter dresses
★ New La Marca Del Diablo guys' tees
★ New Sailor Jerry girls' tops
★ New Fred Perry tees and polos
★ Restocks on Sourpuss tees including Blood Bath, Zombie Killer, Tattooed Lady & Bowie 1972 Tour

Sourpuss Road Trip!
Visit our booth at the following events:

Monster Mania - Cherry Hill, NJ - August 21st-23rd
Rock the Ink - Providence, RI - August 21st-23rd
Body Art Expo - San Francisco, CA - August 28th-30th
Hell City Tattoo Convention - Phoenix, AZ - September 4th-6th
Hot Rod Hoedown - Philadelphia, PA - September 11th-13th
Minneapolis Tattoo Convention - Minneapolis, MN - September 18th-20th
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