It's International Women's Day! Did you know about 75% percent of our staff is women? Bet you didn't know that! Today I'm taking the time to recognize the woman who started it all, Deidre. Truly such a creative, strong, and inspiring individual. Someone who has always had the drive to make this company what it is today! We had her answer a few questions, so you can get to know the woman behind the business! 


Tell us a little bit about yourself ( where you are from, are you still making music, etc.) 

My name is Deidre,  some people call me Deidre Bovver, Dage or Boss Lady, I was born in Sweden, I spent most of my life in the US. I would consider Philly my home. I'm not making any music right now, honestly, I would like to DJ. I love to get people together and listen to music.  Sourpuss is what I put in most of my time, even if I'm not sitting at my computer, I'm sketching in my mind, figuring out how to budget or whatever. 

Tell us a little bit about how Sourpuss began.

Sourpuss wasn't planned. I had been working as a paramedic in Philadelphia, I had a pretty bad back injury and had to go on Workers Comp for a year. At that time I was trying to think about a new career choice. I've always worked hard. I didn't go to high school, I managed to get a GED on a 8th grade education. I was a young runaway, but I always worked hard. So during that year (2001) , my friend had a baby shower, as a gift I had made some iron on transfer baby onesies. but Sourpuss slowly grew into what it is now, it wasn't expected. But it's a 21 year old snowball.  

What do you want to
achieve next? What does the future of Sourpuss look like? 
It's Bold, neon, black. We have new pillows, ceramics, bags and dresses launching in the next couple weeks. New swimwear will arrive once the weather heats up. Oh and really cool art collabs with Jared Gaines, Claire Morales and Kelly Migliori!  We're also working on a new Returns program, revamping our VIP program and planning some events. Trying to stay positive and make cool stuff , it's been a rough couple years for everyone. 


What tips would you tell a future "Alt" business owner just starting out?  

Push yourself, even when you want to walk away. Carve your own path, don't worry what anyone else is doing, Be authentic, Keep an eye on your money,  Take your inspiration from the world, not google. 

We want to take a minute to recognize all of you bad a** babes out there grinding and putting in work! Don't let anyone discourage you or tell you what to do! 

Thanks for reading!

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