👻Haunted Homewares at Chompsky's 👻

👻Haunted Homewares at Chompsky's 👻

Early one week day morning we took a stroll to a historic town in New Jersey, called Wenonah. Not many people have heard of this little town, but believe or not there are houses (still standing!) that were built in the late 1800's. Tucked away we found an amazing coffee shop called Chompsky's. 

Now, this Mom and Pop coffee shop is the probably the most popular place in town. If you're caught there on a weekend morning you'll see plenty of people lined up to grab a specialty handcrafted beverage. 

Take a look at what's inside this (perfectly batty) Luna Bats pint glass. What you're seeing there is a Iced Vanilla Latte topped with whipped cream. Sounds pretty basic, right? Think again, the smoothness of the espresso and vanilla flavors LITERALLY melt in your mouth. Plus who says no to whipped cream!? Load it up! 

Chompsky's opened up at an exceptionally weird time, remember 2020? Yeah, when the global pandemic happened. Beth & Alex McPhail's coffee shop has been thriving ever since. The couple has lived all over the country while Alex served in the Air Force, and settled back into Wenonah where Beth grew up. Home sweet home! The goal for opening up Chompsky's was to bring the community of Wenonah, together. We love that. 

Now Chompsky's serves up plenty of breakfast options for EVERYONE. Got a vegan friend? They're covered. Got a Gluten Free friend? Covered. Got a friend who does a smoothie everyday? You guessed it, Chompsky's has you covered. I ordered thee most gorgeous spirulina smoothie bowl. The spirulina gives it that bright blue color! It came topped to perfection with shaved coconut, granola, bananas, strawberries, and drizzled in Nutella. Looks preeeeetty dang delicious in our Creepy & Cute Bowl, am I right? 

Let's talk about the fresh pastries at Chompsky's.. I know what you're thinking "KELSEY! Did you get all that food for yourself?" The answer is absolutely not, even thought I probably could have LOL. Your customer service and flat lay stylist Katjanna came along with me for the ride and we chowed down on that baked to perfection muffin and donut (served perfectly on the creepy & cute dinner plate if I do say so myself). I'm a smoothie fanatic, so we ordered up the yellow smoothie as well which is our Spooky Pumpkins pint glass

The aesthetic of Chompsky's is truly a VIBE, I mean... if you ever get a chance to visit you'll notice the vintage bright pink couch, which of course we HAD to get pictures of our pillow on it. It's iconic! Do you blame us? 

 If you get a chance to stroll through this little New Jersey town, make sure to stop by and say hi to the McPhail's at Chompsky's! Enjoy!

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