We've been posting a whole bunch of flat lays lately and y'all are LOVING IT (So are we.) If you've shopped with us before you know our lovely, lovely customer service QUEEN, Katjanna.. Not only is she amazing at helping all of you out, but she is an absolute KILLER at styling outfits. 

Pretty in Pink is inspired by your average day, pin up gal vibes. I personally absolutely love pin up style so this outfit is definitely something I would rock for a date night. Hair set in curls, maybe a nice pink lip?! Can you imagine it? I'm dying for the summer so I totally see myself rocking this on a chilly beach night.

Lets jump into the details of the outfit! 

HeLlOooO Hot hot pink! This knock out skirt is as bright as it gets and the silhouette screams pin up! All eyes will be on you for sure, in the best way possible of course. Bettie Page's Hot Pink Ellie Skirt will have you turning heads anywhere you go. 

 You're a Hell raisin' Kitten ghoul friend! Our new Hell Kitten Cropped Cardigan is the perfect top for not only the Ellie skirt, but any separate! The pink buttons and the pink leopard embroidery on the chest is the perfect accent for this outfit. (We told you, Katjanna is a styling genius) The material on the cardigan is comfortable, breathable, and definitely will keep you warm on a breezy night. 

Although the two separates look incredible by themselves, accessories for us is always a must!! 

🌸 Whats a pinup look without a hair flower?! The Lady Luck Boutique Hot pink Double Rose Hair clip with some victory rolls is the ultimate retro look. We can't get enough hot pink?! Can you blame us?! 💓

And last, but certainly not least, our very own Black and White Sparkle Webbed Bowler bag. The white in the bag adds some contrast to the look with still staying true to our spooky selves! The size of this bag is perfect to hold all of your makeup, wallet, you name it. And HELLOOO?! Sparkles!? Count us in! 

We'll keep the flat lays coming! We love putting them together for you! Thanks for reading! 

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