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DIY With Sourpuss!: Eyeball Hair Flower

What goes better with our Fink Faces Wiggle and Mary Lu Dresses than this fun Eyeball Hair Flower?! Make heads turn with this creepy take on a classic pinup hair accessory with this DIY with Sourpuss! Just follow the steps below to create one of your very own.


  • A few fake flowers, preferably in a couple different colors
  • Plastic eye balls (these particular ones are "frog eyes" used for making stuffed animals. any other type would do, even googly eyes!)
  • Bits of felt
  • Hair clips
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun + glue sticks
  • Glitter Paint (I really like this "Glitter Dust" type from DecoArt - it has great coverage}
  • Brush

STEP 1: Remove flowers from stems and clip off the base so that it's flat.

STEP 2: Clip off a bunch of petals from another flower. It's good to have a variety of sizes and color.

STEP 3: Place a dab of hot glue at the base of the petal and insert between the petals of the main base flower. Repeat this all the way around until you have a good mix of petals in there. See photo below.

STEP 4: This step is totally optional, but it does give some extra "flair" to the flower! With the glitter paint and your brush, paint the glitter on to some of the petals here and there. I found that I needed a good amount of paint because the fabric of the flowers really soaks it up almost instantly. It actually works best to rub it in with the brush as your applying it.

STEP 5: Cut out four half circle shapes from your felt pieces. These are going to act as petals. I used two shades of yellow felt for more dimension.

STEP 6: Add a dab of glue to the eyeball piece.

STEP 7: Attach the felt petal pieces to the eyeball, adding glue as you go, overlapping as petals would.

STEP 8: Once the felt petal pieces are attached, add a dab of glue to the center of the flower and attach the eyeball. (You may need to cut out some or all of the flowers stamen in the middle in order to make room, but this depends on the type of flower you use of course.)

STEP 9: Using some of the leaves from the original flower stem, glue them to the bottom of the flower if you'd like.

STEP 10: Making sure that it is going in the proper direction, glue the hair clip to the bottom as well. It works best if it's attached to a fairly flat part.

Ta-dah! You're all done! Now slap that bad boy into your 'do and hit the town!

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